1 on 1 dialogue

Bastian from the blog " Life with PEG" with headphones on his MacBook

Do you have questions about living with a PEG tube? Questions that no one else can answer authentically. Then we can talk to each other. Individually and in a relaxed atmosphere. That’s what my 1:1 dialogue is for.

Time and again, I find that people who are new to the topic of PEG are concerned about a variety of issues. There are questions and uncertainties. Questions that unfortunately all too often cannot be answered by medical staff. This may be because, sadly, our healthcare system often lacks the time to do so. Or because they lack the knowledge or their own authentic experience. The same applies to uncertainties.

Communication is important

When I was given a feeding tube, I had to experience first-hand what it feels like to be alone with these questions and uncertainties. Fortunately, I had a great team around me at the hospital (you can read more about this in this article soon), who brought me together with another patient. He had already had a PEG for years and I was able to have a long and detailed dialogue with him about this.

My service offer

As my blog becomes more and more popular, the number of requests in my mailbox for an individual dialogue about life with a PEG is increasing. To meet this demand, individual appointments can now be booked for a 1:1 dialogue.
You can choose between a one-time video call in which we can discuss your questions (and of course any worries) in private.
I also offer the option of talking to each other three times in total. This offer is primarily aimed at those who are completely new to the subject of feeding tubes. For example, we can talk to each other in advance, after the placement and then again some time later when everyday life has returned.
I now also offer a regular intensive programme. I share my own experiences from over 20 years of living with PEG with you in great detail. I go into great detail on all topics relating to everyday life with a feeding tube. I give you tips and tricks. And of course we can also discuss your individual questions together as part of this group event.

All offers are limited. So make sure you book an appointment directly via my Tidycal calendar. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and talking to you in person!