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DDo you have a question for me? You want to point something out to me? Very well! I look forward to hearing from you. The best way to do this is by e-mail. Just write to me at [email protected]

I will reply to your e-mail as soon as possible. However, as I’m always very busy at work, it may well take a few days before you receive a reply from me. So please be patient. Thank you for your understanding!

Speaker enquiries

WWhether online or on site, I would be happy to talk to an interested audience about life with a PEG feeding tube. Around 20 years of personal experience with a feeding tube and numerous presentations (including at REHAB Karlsruhe, REHACARE Düsseldorf and TEDx) guarantee you an exciting speech.

Please contact me by e-mail at [email protected] and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Do you have another professional request? Then please feel free to contact me at the above e-mail address.